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Lud Absolud, a virtuoso artist and stage designer extraordinaire, is fueled by an insatiable wellspring of creativity. Each project he embarks upon is a bespoke masterpiece tailored precisely to the occasion and audience, igniting their senses with wonder and fascination. His strength lies in fashioning his boundlessly innovative visions from recycled and upcycled materials, breathing life into the discarded and overlooked.

The beginning of Lud's journey traces back to the early 90s when he collaborated with his brother, adorning parties and festivals across the Netherlands with their bespoke décor. What began as a pastime swiftly transformed into his burning passion and lifelong calling. Since then, Lud's odyssey has carried him to far-flung events and locales worldwide, where he conjures enchanting realms from the remnants of discarded materials, infusing them with new purpose and allure.

Venturing across continents, Lud became a nomadic artisan, traversing from festival to festival, leaving a trail of awe-inspiring creations in his wake. From spearheading the creative vision at Kolour in Thailand to erecting stages for Quest Festival in Vietnam, his portfolio reads like a global odyssey of artistic triumphs. Notable among his endeavors are his artistic contributions to Magneet Festival in Amsterdam, Jaithep Festival in Chiang Mai, and Mystic Valley in Khao Yai, alongside crafting mesmerizing stages for Fly to the Moon and erecting the main stage for  Chiwowwah Town in Australia and Children of Panacea in Switzerland.

None of these feats would have been conceivable without the steadfast dedication of Lud's exceptional build team. Though the cast may vary depending on his whereabouts, their collective ingenuity consistently yields awe-inspiring results. With over 15 years of collaboration under their belt, they've sculpted everything from majestic stages to interactive art installations, each project an enchanting voyage into uncharted artistic realms.

In a world plagued by waste, Lud champions the ethos of sustainability, on a mission to harness the potential of recycled and reclaimed materials in all his creations. For Lud, scanning through local scrap yards for hidden treasures is like to piece together a grand puzzle, each find imbuing his creations with a unique narrative. Through his artistry, Lud endeavors to inspire a paradigm shift in how society views waste, fostering a culture of creativity and resourcefulness.


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